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Sixth Africanist Graduate Forum

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the SIXTH meeting of the Africanist Graduate Forum on FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2017, 13.15-17.00 at the Centre of African Studies, Building 8B, South Campus, Copenhagen University. (More details of how to find us are on our homepage at:

As a reminder, the Africanist Graduate Forum is aimed at offering space to those PhD scholars working on Africa-related research topics:  to present and receive feedback on your own work, find out about the work of other PhDs (and other Africanist scholars), to meet one another, and generally network and share information within the frame of Africanist scholarship and relevant Africa-related activities in the region.
The Forum is provided for PhD scholars within the wider Copenhagen and Øresund regions, but welcomes presentations and participation from visiting PhD scholars from anywhere.We encourage senior scholars to inform all relevant PhD students – your own and others as well as visiting PhDs – about this event.