Development Research Donor Seminar 2013 – University of Copenhagen

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12 November 2013

Development Research Donor Seminar 2013

The Development Research Donor Seminar was held on the 24th of October 2013. At the meeting possibilities for external funding from international funding agencies and other sources was discussed, as the financial possibilities for researchers, based in Denmark, are decreasing every year.

The speakers and topics of the seminar were:

  • Niels Elers Koch, Chairman for the Working Group for Development, UCPH: Setting the scene.
  • Ashok Swain, Uppsala University, Sweden: Swedish Support Available for Non-Swedish Institutions for Development Research.
  • Jonas Bak, EU Advisor, creoDK: H2020 and the third world. 
  • Ole Mertz, Professor at Dep. of Cross-Cultural & Regional Studies & Jytte Agergaard, Associate Professor at Dep. of Geosciences & Natural Resource Management, UCPH: EU FP7 Cooperation Projects - experiences with application, implementation and assessment of projects. 
  • Lars Graudal, Head of Research at Dep. of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management: Experience with the private sector.