Global Development Day

What is GD Day?

The Global Development Network at the University of Copenhagen mobilizes students and staff around the global agenda by initiating a joint student-driven event to take place once a year ‘Global Development Day’.

Contemporary global challenges can only be solved by uniting multi-disciplinary approaches and solutions, hence this event aims to bring students and staff of different disciplines together.

Student-led activities

The event is open to all students and staff and encourages all formats and types of activities suggested and lead by students – this could be workshops, seminars, debate fora, talks, key notes, roundtables, a cinema, political debates, discussion clubs, role-plays, art and photo exhibitions etc.

All students and staff at UCPH are welcome to submit a proposal for activities. Each proposal may be granted a budget that will help provide the resources needed to make the proposed activity come into fruition. 

Student Ambassadors will be chosen as volunteers that help with the practicalities of the event and be the ‘student voice’ for the event and the important global agenda. 

Sign up to be a Student Ambassador here 


This year's 'Global Development Day' will take place in November 2023. Further information will be announced in due time.