Global Development Day


The Global Development Network at the University of Copenhagen has set out to mobilize students and staff around the global agenda by initiating a huge joint student driven event to take place once a year ‘Global Development Day’.


The great challenges of the 21st Century can only be solved by uniting multi-disciplinary approaches and solutions.

Students are important agents of change that can help shape a better world, and therefore our vision is to bring together all the globally oriented students at University of Copenhagen, and to create a platform for the student potential to be fully unleashed in the name of global development.


The event is open to and encourages all formats and types of activities suggested and lead by students – this could be workshops, seminars, debate fora, talks, key notes, roundtables, cinema, political debates, discussion clubs, role-plays, art and photo exhibitions etc. Only the creativity sets the limits!


All students (and staff) at UCPH are welcome to join. Hence, we want to unleash the student potential by inviting all students across the university to submit proposals for activities.

Subsequent to positive assessment, each proposal may be granted a budget up to 10,000 DKK for organizing the activity. The overall budget for the event is 200,000 DKK.

We will announce when the network is taking on proposals for the next event. 


This year's 'Global Development Day' will take place on May 11th 2022 from 10:00 to 20:00. You are welcome to join the whole day or for part within the program.


The program for Global Development Day 2022 will be announced here in the coming weeks.

Become a 'Student Ambassador'

Your role as student ambassador includes first and foremost to be the ‘student voice’ for the event and the important global agenda. More practically, this includes organizing meetings with the other Student Ambassadors, discussing promotion strategies, deciding themes for the event, assessing student proposals for activities, helping to coordinate the logistics of the event etc.

You will NOT be hosting an event yourself, but will support Global Development Network, other student ambassadors and event holders. If you wish to propose your own activity, please the former section 'who?'.

The ‘position’ as Student Ambassador is voluntary and does not include salary. The time and work load you put into this will depend on your own availability. It presents an opportunity to engage with likeminded students and university staff from different backgrounds and therefore expand your network, and it looks good at your CV.

To become a Student Ambassador, please send a short mail including a) two lines on why you would like to engage as Student Ambassador b) disciplinary background c) name, email and contact info – send the mail directly to Andreas Egelund Christensen (see contact info below). 


The Heads of Studies for globally oriented programs at the University of Copenhagen supports the initiative and have agreed to help identifying student ambassadors from each program.

The Global Development Network will act as main secretariat for the event, consisting of two student assistants and its Network Coordinator, Andreas Egelund Christensen. For any questions, please contact Andreas, who has the following details: Phone: +45 35 32 25 17, e-mail:, Web: