21 February 2020

Call for Proposals: Asia and Africa in Transition


Linkages between Asia and Africa have a transformative impact across the globe in areas ranging from economic development, climate and demography to health care, politics and entertainment. Placing Asia-Africa engagement and dynamics as focal points, this conference will feature keynote speeches and a range of panels and roundtables across disciplines, temporalities and themes.

We invite abstracts for paper presentations addressing one of the panels listed below:

•  Asian partners in the transition of ports in Africa
• Banal democracies: Beyond electoral temporality
• China going global: Historical trajectories, current debates, and future prospects
• Constructing historical and identity narratives in Central Eurasia
• Engendering humanity in Africa and Asia
• Foreign agricultural investments as driver of rural transformation?
• From recipients to donors: New engagement of Asian countries in humanitarian aid in Africa
• Health systems in transition: Human health resources as agents of change
• Local expressions of global ideas: Negotiating modernity, aesthetics and cultural heritage in African and Asian museums
• Situated natalisms – familial and filial forms in Africa and Asia
• Sustainability strategy and Asian investments in energy in Africa: Regulation, governance and  investment
• The geopolitics of China’s rise in Africa: Implications and challenges for democratisation and human rights
• The geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific
• The making of Belt and Road Initiative projects in African states: Local actors, interests and policy link-ups
• Urbanization in rural regions of Africa and Asia

Your submission should include:

  • Name, affiliation, short bio
  • Abstract including title (up to 250 words)
  • Intended panel

We also invite full panel proposals on Asia – Africa related themes. Your submission should include:

  • Name, affiliation and contact details of convener/contact person
  • Title and description of panel (up to 250 words)
  • Name and affiliation of 3-4 presenters in the panel, title of their presentations and abstracts (each up to 250 words)

Deadline for submitting abstracts or full panel proposals: 15 April 2020
Proposals should be submitted via email to asia-africa-2020@ku.dk

In the event that we receive more proposals than we can accommodate, the organisers and conveners will decide among the submitted proposals.
Notification of acceptance: mid-May 2020


This year the annual Asian Dynamics Initiative Conference will join forces with a number of globally oriented networks and centres at the University of Copenhagen:

NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
School of Global Health
Sustainability Science Centre
UCPH Global Development
Read more about the panels and the full call here