In today’s globalised world, the University of Copenhagen is a dedicated contributor to solving the challenges of the 21st Century.

This portal aims to provide an easy access to the university's competences regarding global development and issues related to developing countries. Researchers and students at University of Copenhagen are welcome to send news or events, that you would like to share with others at the Global Development Network portal, at development@adm.ku.dk.

In the beginning of 2009, University of Copenhagen's Steering Committee for Development was appointed. The committee comprised the deans from all of the faculties. The committee developed the university's first strategy in relation to developing countries.

The Steering Committee for Development was in 2012 replaced by a Working Group for Development (Global Development Network) with representatives from all faculties. The main task of the working group is to work out and implement an Action Plan for implementation of the strategy and facilitate cooperation across the faculties regarding development issues.


The mission of the University of Copenhagen regarding issues pertaining to developing countries is to contribute to a global development that will benefit everyone through high quality research and education.

The vision of the University of Copenhagen regarding issues pertaining to developing countries is to further develop its strong position as an internationally leading university within research, education and institutional capacity strengthening. This is to be done in an equal partnership with parties from all over the world, ensuring mutual benefit. Co-operation with developing countries will be based on specific needs and areas of collaboration where we can create mutually acknowledged improvements.

The purpose of the strategy is to outline focal points in achieving the vision and mission, as well as making a short presentation of the university’s profile in this area. The strategy is accompanied by an action plan for the two years, which outlines specific actions to be taken to support the implementation of the strategy.