About UCPH Global Development Network

Mission statement

Global Development Network (GDN) is a cross faculty network at University of Copenhagen (UCPH) focusing on global development issues and perspectives. GDN works to keep global development issues high on the agenda of researchers and students at the university. UCPH is a leading international research university, and GDN works to ensure that global relations and questions of development are kept at the heart of UCPH’s international strategy.

What we do?

  • GDN refers and responds to the leadership team (Deans and Rectorate) at UCPH.
  • GDN collaborates with other globally oriented UCPH networks and coordinates the umbrella unit ‘UCPH Global’.
  • GDN offers opportunities for researchers and students at UCPH to get together in popular and scholarly events with a focus on global development.   
  • GDN works to keep UCPH at the center of the ‘Global Transformation’ Initiative of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) and is affiliated with the ‘University Development Cooperation’ of League of European Research Universities (LERU).  
  • GDN provides researchers and students with the opportunity to communicate and disseminate insights about global development on social media platforms.
  • GDN facilitates a variety of student driven activities with focus on global development.


The Global Development Network was founded in 2009 by rector’s office and consists of a board/working group with a representative from each of the six Faculties and is run by an International Network Coordinator and a student assistant.

GDN is fully funded by all six Faculties at UCPH.