Development in Focus

Our main objectives are to showcase noteworthy research projects and researchers working on global development issues, to cover the most relevant topics on the global development agenda and emphasize their importance at KU, and to engage the researcher and student community at KU to discuss global development issues and prioritize them in their research and studies.

This project consists of a series of monthly posts based on the major sectors of development worldwide. Each month, one topic will be selected to represent the theme in focus by the network. 

Our monthly project aims to explore several topics on the agenda of global development by highlighting the research work happening at UCPH in relation to these topics. We believe that this initiative will help promote a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to global development and will provide a platform for researchers and students to discuss and exchange ideas.

We invite you to explore our webpage to find all the information you need for the several instalments of Development in Focus. Join us in our efforts to promote and engage with the important work being done in the field of global development.