From the Field: Follow UCPH Researchers Conducting Field Research

"From the Field" is a short-film series that immerses viewers into the world of fieldwork, shedding light on the vital role it plays in understanding the intricate dynamics of globalization. From Bachelor's and Master's students to experienced researchers, each episode of the series showcases members from the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) as they embark on fieldwork adventures, unraveling the complexities of local and global interactions. 

"From the Field" aims to inspire and enlighten audiences about the significance of development research. Through cinematic shots capturing the essence of fieldwork and overlay audio narrating the nuances of a typical day in the field, the series invites viewers on a journey of discovery and reflection. By highlighting the stories of researchers at various stages of their academic careers, the series not only celebrates their contributions but also encourages others to embark on their own research endeavors, fostering a community of engaged scholars committed to understanding and addressing global challenges.

Check out the available Film Spots below: