Institutional capacity strengthening

The University of Copenhagen is strongly committed to co-operate on institutional capacity strengthening with partner universities on performing research and higher education of international standard and local relevance. The university co-operate with partner universities in e.g. Ghana, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

In addition, the university is a strong player in the second phase of The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' initiative Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries II (BSU II).

The aim of institutional capacity strengthening is to enable universities to become stronger drivers of the development of their societies through better management, better infrastructure and better support functions, resulting in a higher quality of research, education and outreach. At the University of Copenhagen, institutional capacity strengthening is addressed at all levels:

  • Political and legal framework
  • Governance, leadership and management
  • Administration
  • Infrastructure
  • Research
  • Education and teaching
  • Training at all levels within the organisation
  • Dissemination and outreach

Danida supported projects

Information about research projects supported by Danida can be found through the Danida Research Portal. Make your own search or select one of the predefined project types or countries in the right side to see a list of Danida supported projects at the University of Copenhagen.