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Migration is one of University of Copenhagen's core research areas in relation to developing countries.

The research area covers

  • Social, economic and cultural aspects of regional and transnational population movements
  • Mobile migration processes, remittances and development

Relevant centres, departments and research units

Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS)

The Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS) is an interdisciplinary forum for migration research. Combining a variety of approaches, including the social sciences, philosophy, history, ethnology, linguistics and the arts, the Centre promotes cutting-edge research on a broad range of issues in the theory and practice of migration. Thus, a guiding principle for all of AMIS’ work is that the challenges posed by migration require a collaborative effort from a wide range of disciplines

Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health

The Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health (MESU) is located at the Department of Public Health. The centre both initiates and conducts its own research and contributes to the development of others' research in the field through professional guidance and advice. In addition, the centre contributes to establishing professional networks for Danish and international researchers through regular research seminars and academic meetings, exchange of information on research initiatives and information about on-going activities in Denmark. Research activities focus overall on: 1) Migrants' and ethnic minorities' health and disease patterns, and 2) The structure, function and efficacy of health services in relation to migrants and ethnic minorities.

Research Area in Migration and Social Mobility

Migration and social mobility is one of the research areas at the Department of Anthropology. A significant part of the earlier departmental research on migrations has been based on the Global South, especially South America, the Caribbean and Africa, and has investigated mobility as a social, economic and cultural resource in the dynamic tension between envisaged and actualised migration. In parallel to this more globally oriented fieldwork, since the 1990s integration research with focus on the situation of immigrants and refugees in Denmark has emerged as a strong theme.

Research group on Environment and Society in Developing Countries

The aim of this research group at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Ressource Management is to contribute to understanding globalization processes and human dimensions of global change in developing countries. The key research areas are: Land use and land cover change, natural resource management and livelihood strategies, urbanization, migration and rural-urban linkages, industrialization processes and agro-industrial organisation, small scale mining, climate change mitigation and adaptation and earth observation and land surface processes.