Development related E-learning courses at University of Copenhagen – University of Copenhagen

Development oriented E-learning courses

The university offers unique distance learning in English which is accessible anywhere and any time all over the world. This flexibility has already appealed to hundreds of international students who are currently enrolled in a distance learning course.

E-learning holds the potential for a revolution within knowledge sharing in and with developing countries. Developing high quality research based e-learning programmes and teaching to students from developing countries is a priority for the university in the coming years.

Below is listed a number of E-learning courses with special relevance for students from developing countries as well as courses with a special focus on development issues.

Climate Change - Impact, Adaptation and Mitigation
Food Safety - Chemical and Microbiological
Introduction to Dairy Technology
Participatory Forest Management
Shelter and Settlements in Disasters
Tropical Forests, People and Policies
Coursera Courses
Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World
Diabetes - a Global Challenge
Introduction to Global Health
Measuring Causal Effects in the Social Sciences
More information is available on e-learning at the Faculty of Science.